IcuTest: GUI Unit Testing for WPF
GUI Unit Testing for WPF
  • Test app using bitmap comparisons
  • Write Functional, Integrated or Unit Tests
  • Works with MSTest, NUnit, XUnit, ...
  • Simple, Easy, and Free
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Yes, You Can Unit Test Your GUI.

You know you should test all your code. But GUI testing is hard. It's so hard, most assume it's a bad idea and won't even try. This is unfortunate since, just like ordinary unit tests, GUI unit testing:

  • Finds bugs quickly and automatically
  • Produces better code coverage
  • Promotes confident refactoring
  • Alleviates manual testing and debugging

IcuTest for WPF

WPF applications are particularly difficult.  Tests are difficult to create and hard to maintain. Moreover, test execution can be slow and unpredictable. IcuTest solves these problems with a simple API that will make GUI testing easy.

The Right Tool for the Right Job.

IcuTest is not a record-and-playback automation system. It integrates directly with your current unit testing framework. This allows you to:

  • Manipulate your app directly in test code
  • Debug and test your app simultaneously
  • Test without starting the entire app
  • Test individual GUI components
  • Integrate easily with your current unit tests

Why spend time writing tests?

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid testing.  Some prefer a quick manual test.  But are these tests really "quick"? Often they are tedious and repetitive. The solution is automated testing. It takes a little time, but in the long run you'll find that:

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